— Werlabs
Bringing preventive health to 8 biliion people

Werlabs wanted to build a new health-creation system that goes beyond treatment. A system that focuses on prevention so that we are not told and diagnosed but can predict our health long before.

Quite a challenge.
User research
Design strategy & planning
Interviews & workshops
Personas & journey mapping
Information architecture
Product design
Systematic design
UX validation
Brand design
Brand development
Brand identity
– Challenge / Responsibilities
Werlabs core business had been traditionally pushing health checks to a specific user set. However, with technology becoming more embedded into our everyday lives, their was an opportunity to build a closer relationship with the public.

As Head of Design / Creative Director hybrid, I lead Research, Visual, UX  strategies and disciplines across all platforms from desktop and mobile to out of home.
– Using metrics
With a focus on growth, my team collected huge amounts of data through quantitative and qualitative studies.

Through these measures, we were able to redefine our personas, build reflective workshop groups and build a comprehensive product roadmap. We made this data open and available to the entire team - inclusive to the core.
– A new Werlabs
Based on these insights and working alongside the fantastic agency, POST a new brand platform was developed with a key slogan, “Sluta spegla dig”.

The focus was to encourage and emphasise to everyone to look beyond the mirror, the surface and dive deeper. With blood testing – you can truely see how you really are.
– Upscaling design
Werlabs customer platform is a critical part of their business. Alongside this, a business platform needed to be built from the ground up to further support growth moving into 2020. Working in sprints with my design team and alongside the front-end team, a digital design system was created to cater to the needs of today, and tomorrow. In the process, UX “issues/challenges” such as interaction patterns and the navigation framework were iterated and evaluated to ensure consistency and ease of use.

In parallel, core visual digital design concepts were developed as well as an extensive UI kit with an atomic design approach. The resulting design system extends the visual identity treatment into all digital touch points presenting a more intuitive, connected and modern interface to Werlabs customers.
– Highlights + Metrics
Working along growth and brand channels, Werlabs has grown from 40 000 users, to more than 300 000 +. My focus had been on “levelling and upscaling” the design team with specific focus on establishing clear design principles. A key part of this has been building and implementing Plasma, Werlabs first design system and conducting workshops as well as usability studies to continously (re)evaluate the quality of our work alongside partners at Accenture, H&M and Volvo.
My focus towards the end was moving to incorporating deeper user research to refine our insights, and proactively plan the future of Werlabs. Tracking provided new information on the impact on sales and brand recognition and was my final parting gift to a team that gave everything.